Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Young Couple on Konkan Railway

Less than a day after reaching Mumbai, we were off to Goa on the Konkan Railway; to visit our kuladevata temple - Ramnathi, and attend my nephew's Upanayana (see previous post). The night ride is ideal for catching-up on gossip with cousins. Their wives (and M too), are fast asleep and we could chat away in peace. I previously posted pics from our earlier Konkan Railway trip.

When daylight streaked the sky, the train had stopped at Ratnagiri. There this couple boarded, with an unusually large retinue to see them off. As the train raced towards Goa, I chatted with the guy. Generally I asked, and he answered. I wanted to know where all, and what they were gonna be doing in Panji, in detail! He seemed evasive and I kept probing. Finally he relented under my barrage, giggled, and confessed they were on their honeymoon to Goa! Aaarghh!!! I couldn't stop laughing.

Later, as she dosed off on his lap, I thought they struck a cute pose.

As she dreamt of a beautiful life ahead, he seemed preoccupied! With what, I wondered!

Cropped from a different photo.

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