Sunday, May 1, 2005

Mangeshi Devasthan, Goa

This follows a longer write-up on the Ramnathi Devasthan.

The Mangeshi Devasthan in Goa is a crown jewel of Konkani Temples. The Shiva Linga representing Mangesh, was originally in the ancient temple of Kushastali (Cortalim, Salcete Taluka). When the Portuguese destroyed the original temple in 1561, the linga was relocated across the Zuari River near other konkani temples. The current temple was constructed on land donated by a devotee in the mid- 1800's and has been renovated several times..

Architecturally, the Mangeshi Devasthan is considered highly distinctive of Goan Konkani Style - a mix of several local influences; the Dravidian Vimana, as well as islamic lattices are incorporated. The classically Goan Konkani deep stambha, a seven-storeyed octagonal lamp tower, is very distinctive and observed on many paintings, brochures and travel guides on Goa. Also made famous because this is Lata Mangeshkar's Kula-devasthan.

We visit the Mangeshi temple on every visit to Goa. Its only a few kms from the Ramnathi Devasthan and most of the Konkani temples are clustered together. Just a quick darshan and we will not stay long. But the memories will stay with us for ever.

Note: Pics are either from our visit in September 2002 or September 2004.

The side of the Mangeshi Temple (September 2004). It is difficult to get a good picture of the temple and the complete Deep stambha. I'll have to be more creative during my upcoming visit in May.

Women selling flowers, garlands and streamers along the path leading to the temple. Badly exposed pic, but I like the colour and pattern on the back wall and the lazy atmosphere (Sept 2002)

From Sept 2004; More flower sellers outside the Mangeshi Devasthan. Obviously my photo taking skills have improved here - or maybe just a more expensive camera ;-)

This picture of a lady selling cucumbers was previously posted here; and reposted for completion. Enjoy!

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