Sunday, July 23, 2006

Colva Beach: Serenely Beautiful and Peaceful

On our visit to India in June, we paid a short visit to Goa. Starting on the early morning flight from Mumbai and after visiting the Ramnathi Devasthan, we arrived at the beach-front resort in Colva, early in the afternoon. We were so fatigued, both of us promptly fell asleep. The drumming of the heavy rains outside pushed us deeper in sleep. On waking up around 5 pm, and a leisurely coffee, we ambled onto the beach. The rains had stopped, but the skies were still overcast.

As the sun set, the clouds broke up and we were treated to this beautiful medley. My camera was busy, but I also remembered to just sit in one place and let it all soak in. It so relaxed the spirit to see kids frolicking in the water, adults acting like kids, and many other aimlessly strolling through the surf. The simple joys! We walked back and forth on the beach reminding ourselves over and over again - This could be the life. No deadlines, no projects, no students, fellows, or bosses. No stress! No paychecks! :-(

We walked till the sun dipped below the horizon and then found our way back to the room. See one more previously posted here.

Once the clouds broke, it was easy - just point to the horizon and click! Everywhere you turned, a light show was in progress.

Before the clouds parted, I had to think of composition, coconut trees, the beach and the confluence of sky and sea.

Prolly should be titled, How not to shoot a Panorama!
With the range of lights and colors, the automatic setting adjusted for each frame separately. It was a disaster trying to put it all together. But it seems to convey what i saw and felt at Colva Beach!
Serene beauty and Peace!

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